About AmeriCode

International AmeriCode is an international corporation engaged in the development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and service of continuous ink jet printer systems and ink fluids. Our extensive product line of digital, small-character printers are marketed throughout the world through a combination of distributors, VAR's, OEM's, agents and direct sales.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a world leader in the digital ink jet market. We will do so by providing high-performance, innovative, CIJ systems, components, and inks by using the latest technology grounded in a thorough understanding of the end-user's needs.

AmeriCode Personnel

AmeriCode personnel have been designing and manufacturing CIJ coder systems for over 20 years and manufacturing a full range of CIJ ink fluids and consumables for the ink-jet industry since 1985. Servicing and repairing printer systems for a wide range of applications including: food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and the electrical component industries, our people have the knowledge to take care of all your coding needs.


We provide a unique and valuable solution to our customer's coding requirements by supplying reliable coders that print high quality, durable codes on virtually any surface regardless of texture, contour or shape. We supply our customers with a wide spectrum of ink formulations and colors providing for all their printing needs. Using pharmaceutical grade chemicals and an advanced filtration system enable us to offer ink that is not only of the highest quality but also carries a longer shelf life than the competition. Our highly trained personnel provide top notch service and training unequaled in the industry. Because AmeriCode purchases only from the best suppliers and manufacturers, our components are unparalleled in the coding industry. Despite going to the added expense of supplying the best, we insist on keeping our prices extremely competitive.


AmeriCode International has contributed to the refinement and technology of non-contact, continuous ink jet printing for more than 20 years. As technology continues to advance, and as applications become more diverse and demanding, new more and more complex coders and ink formulations will be required to meet these demands. AmeriCode has made significant capital investments into research and development as well as our coder and ink manufacturing facilities and equipment to meet these new advancements in the ink jet market head-on. Committed to the vision of providing better printing solutions for the CIJ coder industry, AmeriCode International truly is 'Giving Flight to New Technology'. Visit Us Here Our corporate headquarters are located at 317 SW Wilshire St., Burleson, TX 76028.



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